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Scotia Total Equity Plan: Why We Chose Scotiabank’s STEP

Here’s an informative description of how Scotia’s HELOC or STEP (Scotia Total Equity Plan) works. Contact Charlotte Roach (780.215.4431) who is Scotia’s mobile mortgage specialist, for further details.

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Canada’s Bond Yield increasing – mortgage rates may increase as well

Historically, Bond Rates and Fixed Mortgage Rates have fluctuated in relation to each other.Canada’s Bond Rates have climbed in the past few days. As a result, some lenders are increasing their interest rates. Interest Rates are still at a historical … Continue reading

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OSFI Considering Mortgage Amortization Changes

Here we go again. Just as we’re setting into our spring market, an announcement from the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada, verifies that they may be looking at changes to amortization rules yet again, tightening the rules … Continue reading

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Government controlling mortgage rates?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is coming under fire for using his position to pressure a private sector mortgage lender to raise its interest rates, an action that will increase borrowing costs for Canadians. Flaherty admitted to calling up BMO to … Continue reading

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More Canadians Adopt a Low Rate Mindset

Is it time to switch your Variable Rate Mortgage into a Fixed Rate Mortgage? Fewer people believe that rates could rise this year. In a study released by CIBC, 46% of Canadians believe today’s low rates will remain unchanged over … Continue reading

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Bank of Canada signals rates to remain on hold

The Bank of Canada announced that it will keep the overnight rate at 1 percent, where its has been for over 2 years now. Great news for everyone with a variable rate mortgage.

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TD Responds About Its Collateral Mortgages

Last week, CBC issued a report about TD’s new policy regarding mortgages. Here, TD Responds About Its Collateral Mortgages.

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Busting the Banks – CBC Marketplace

The 15th episode of the 40th season of CBC’s ‘Marketplace’ – Busting the Banks – what are Collateral Mortgages you ask? Scroll to the 8th minute of this video and see how quickly (and quietly) bank fees can add up. … Continue reading

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