Spring Burning Continues

Spring hazard reduction burning continues

Controlled hazard reduction burns continue in the Fort McMurray area, The Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo  announced today.

“The annual burn campaign has been going very well thus far,” said Pat Dube, Assistant Deputy Chief of Operations, with Regional Emergency Services. “We are approximately 50 per cent finished right now and if Mother Nature cooperates, we hope to have things wrapped up in a little over a week.”

The controlled burns started on April 27th, 2009 and are a joint effort between The Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo ’s fire prevention branch and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development’s forest protection division. The burns take place to remove potentially flammable fuels, such as dry grass. The risk of wild fire starts in the Municipality is significantly reduced by removing these fuels.

The location of where each burn takes place is dependent on wind conditions and can not be mapped out in advance. Burns take place only during daylight hours. Smoke generated from the burns will be short in duration and all smoldering material will be extinguished within 24 hours. To date, areas in Waterways and along the Clearwater River have been cleared of hazardous material.

Members of the public with asthma or other related health issues that notice smoke in their area are encouraged to remain indoors with the windows closed until the smoke clears.

Residents with concerns or questions about the Wildland Urban Interface initiative are encouraged to call Regional Emergency Services at 780-792-5500.

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