Modest attendance for "Conversations with John Vyboh"

One local municipal councillor is out working on his own with a brand new communication-inspired initiative.

The first two of six sessions called “Conversations with John Vyboh” were held at the Quality Hotel over the weekend.

Attendance was modest for both sessions, which were not widely publicized; seven people turned out for Sunday’s workshop.

Vyboh said he wanted to better communicate with his constituents on what they wanted to see for the future of the Wood Buffalo region.

“Hence the idea of having about six workshops, and they cover a wide range of areas from urban to rural, from taxation, fiscal framework, to the environment, to sustainability,” he said.

“I think it’s just really important to throw out a net as wide as possible so that I’m getting a very good idea of what people are thinking in these areas.”

Sunday’s session focused in on municipal services, and some of the ideas which were generated focused in on recycling and composting, roadways and transportation.

Vyboh used the help of Don Reimer, former General Manger of Communications for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to implement the sessions.

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