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A lot of our clients hope that when they move into their current place, that it would be the last move in a long time. It is frustrating to have to deal with all the stress and hassle of packing all of your belongings, moving and then unpacking (hopefully not losing/breaking anything along the way). There is a lot of stuff to remember when you are moving, so here is a moving checklist with a few things that you should keep in mind when you are moving.


Start packing as early in advance as possible. Start with your storage areas and make sure everything is setup for easy transport. You should start here as you’ll need the stuff you have in storage a lot less frequently than you’ll need your kitchen. If possible, set aside a room in your house that you dedicate solely to packing and storing the boxes until the date of your move. This will keep the rest of your life as intact as possible, but will also give you the space necessary to get things together in advance.

If you need boxes, check Kijiji for free boxes. Collecting boxes is annoying, so if someone already went through that hassle and is now trying to get rid of them, take advantage of that. Whatever you do, don’t pay for boxes. Yes, they are sturdy boxes, but the additional cost is not worth it. You can get free boxes from the local liquor store, grocery store, fast food restaurants etc. Use free boxes whenever possible.

Address Change

You’ll need to change your address with everyone, unfortunately. If you have the time, then every day that you get mail, contact the provider and let them know that your address is changing. If not, you’ll have to spend some time calling everyone and getting it changed at the same time. It would also be a good idea to get it changed through Canada Post. They offer a service where all the mail that is directed for you to your old address will get redirected to the new address. For 6 months of that service, it will cost $45, which isn’t cheap. Definitely consider it though, as some mail is very valuable and not being able to get those potential papers could be even more costly.

Here are a few of the companies that you should contact when you’re moving:

  • Canada Post
  • Driver’s License
  • Employer(s)
  • Loans/Debt
  • Library
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Revenue Canada
  • Moving Company

Are you moving a long distance? Do you have a few days off around the date of your move? Do you have kids or other dependents? These are all questions that you should ask before you consider a moving company. If you can move yourself, it will cost you less money, but it will cost a lot more time. If you have large and awkward furniture, like a piano or a large antique dresser, you should consider getting a moving company that will take care of your household items, but plan now so it doesn’t become an unexpected moving expense. Most of them won’t do the packing for you, but not having to go to bed exhausted and sore after the end of moving day could be worth the additional cost. Get references before you hire anyone to do your moving, and realize that they may not have the same care that you would have moving your things. If you do go with a moving company, be sure to pack everything as safely as possible.

What did you do to reduce time, effort, stress, or cost when you moved? Post any tips/hints below.

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