Fort McMurray Home Inspectors

The Real Estate Kings strongly advise that you interview the following inspectors, listed in alphabetical order, to ensure that they have proper training/experience and insurance coverage that will meet your needs.

The following websites are great tools to learn more about the home inspection process:

New consumer protection rules for home inspection businesses came into effect on September 1, 2011. Home inspectors will be required to meet certain qualifications and be licensed. The following are the only Home Inspectors, as of this page’s most recent update, that are properly licensed.

iSpy Home Inspection Service Mike Middlestead
Telephone 780 215 4443
Website iSpy Home Inspections
Canadian Residential Inspection Eddie Dicks
Telephone 780 714 7654
Website Canadian Residential Inspection
Slaney Home Inspections Brian Slaney
Telephone 780 742 6327

Slaney Home Inspections
Woodland Home Inspection Alfred Frieberg
Telephone 780 715 0623
Website Woodland Home Inspections
Future Home Inspection Services Martin Warner
Telephone 780 715 7157
Website Future Home Inspection
Big Sky Home Inspections Inc Wendy Johnson
Telephone 780 713 0023
Website Big Sky Inspection
Infratherm Home Inspection Services Paul Lambert
Telephone 780 804 4884
Website Infratherm Home Inspections
First Choice Inspections and Services Ltd. John Mitchell
Telephone 780 714 7654

3 Responses to Fort McMurray Home Inspectors

  1. Paul Lambert says:

    I noticed that my telephone number for Infratherm Home Inspections on this web site is incorrect. It should be 780-804-4884.
    Thanks, Paul Lambert.

  2. Sorry for that Paul. I just changed your phone number to the correct one.

  3. Tammy Knickerbocker says:

    I have been working for Global Property Inspections (Red Deer) as an assistant and have recently re-located to Ft. McMurray. If you are an inspector and you need some experienced help please call me at 250-770-0377. Thank you !

    Tammy Knickerbocker

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