5 Summer Renovations

We all look forward to summer! It is the best season by far. The smell of steaks grilling on a barbeque, trees and flowers in bloom, picnics and days spent by the water. Summer is also the domain of home renovations. Here’s a list 5 ‘easy’ renos that will return the best bang for your buck.

1- Driveway

The outside of your home is the first impression that your prospective buyer will have. A cracked, spalled driveway doesn’t do anything to enhance your home. If your driveway has weeds growing through it, you may need to consider repaving it.

2- Kitchen and bathrooms

The Kitchen and Bathroom are usually the least anticipated renovations. However, during the summer, you have the ability to forego the stove/oven in favour of the barbeque. This is usually less feasible during the winter.

Bathrooms are also a trying renovation, however the weather should lend itself to more time spent outside. Not that we’re recommending bathing in the river/lake or using an outhouse.

3- Roof

The roof is one of the most integral component to your house, and is often overlooked. However the ease of re-shingling in the summer can’t even be compared to trying to re-shingle in the winter. Have a look at your shingles, use binoculars if you have to, if they’re curling in the corners, you’ll have to budget to re-shingle.

4- Landscaping

An immaculate lawn is always attractive. Some opt for hard landscaping with paving stones and rock gardens. I personally prefer fruit/vegetable gardens instead, fruit bearing trees and berry bushes. Whatever your taste (pardon the pun) a yard that’s attended to is quite obviously more appealing than a dishevelled yard filled with weeds.

Remember that the most opportune time to landscape is during the spring. This is especially true if you plan to build a garden.

5- Deck

Whether it be a shady or sunny location, you can’t beat an idyllic outdoor living space. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint/stain is all that’s required to breathe some fresh life into your deck. If your deck is more of a perch, you may want to expand upon it, maybe a staircase leading to the yard, or maybe its better to start anew. Either way, this is another great project for the summer.

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